Multinorm Workwear Collection

Extreme working environments demand extreme protective clothing. Multinorm – Leijona’s High Visibility protective clothing collection with the broadest range of certifications, covers most risk management requirements and fulfils the requirements of the following standards: high visibility clothing EN 471, protection against heat EN ISO 11612, antistatic EN 1149-5, welding EN ISO 11611, arc flash EN 61482-1-2, chemical splashes EN 13034. Materials are cotton and modacryl, in itself a flame retardant fiber. The result is both fire proof and comfortable.

In addition, the winter collection has a protective polyurethane film on the inside, which makes it also certified protection against rain (EN 343). The winter products are also certified according to standard EN 342 protection against cold.

Note: Dirt reduces protective properties.  Flame retardant materials must be washed separately and without detergents or softeners.  The effectiveness of flame retardant clothing can be increased by using flame retardant underwear.

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