Washing instructions

All Leijona workwear have a label on the inside seam or collar giving you instructions on how to wash and dry your workwear.

To make sure your workwear durability, please look following instructions and symbols.

​​​​​​​Sort the clothes by dirtiness and colour. Wash EN certified clothes separately from other laundry.

Close any Velcro fasteners and zips before washing. It is good idea to wash the garments inside out. This protects your clothes against dye transfer and lint or dirt from other garments, and any reflective properties stay better when garments are washed inside out.

Dose the detergent as stated on the packaging. Overdosing of detergent will not make your clothes cleaner. Detergent residues in garments will attract dust and dirt.

Flame retardant garments should not be washed using detergents of pure soap, as they are hard to rinse away completely, and, in hard water, may deposit calcareous on surface of a garment, which in turn may ignite.

Avoid soaking, especially when there are reflectors in garments.

Fill up your washing machine to 60–80% of capacity. Garments will wrinkle less, and are subject to less wear. They will be better cleaned as well.

If you use a stain remover, try it on, for instance, seam allowance first.

Rinse well. Do not use softener when rinsing flame retardant garments, as this may adversely affect their flame retardant properties.

If you use a tumble-dryer, remove the garments from machine while they are a little bit damp. Over drying can cause shrinking.

Do not use steam when ironing reflector bands.

Always follow the instructions given on the care label.

Washing, normal process, with specified temperature.

Tumble drying at max80º C, normal temperature.

Iron at maximum sole-plate temperature of 110º C without steam.

Washing, mild process, with specified temperature.

Tumble drying at max60º C, low temperature.

Do not iron.

Washing, very mild process, with specified temperature.

Do not tumble dry.​​​​​​​

Professional dry cleaning in tetrachloroethene and all solvents listed for the symbol F, normal process.

Can be treated with chlorine bleach.

Iron at maximum sole-plate temperature of 200°C.

Do not dry clean.

Do not bleach.

Iron at maximum sole-plate temperature of 150°C.